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Veterinary Assistant Reaches Her Goal

Posted On 4/6/2016

Tiffany Mazzocco has always been passionate about animals and has always enjoyed learning about the different breeds and species. She loved to watch Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel, but she wanted more so she decided to pursue a career in the veterinary field. Tiffany says "I loved coming to Great Lakes every day. It was very hands on and you could tell the Instructors loved what they did. It made me want to be in the field even more!"

Tiffany was offered a job when she was only half way through completing her externship at The Humane Society of NWPA. She started working there July 2013 and has been in the field since then. In September 2015, Tiffany was promoted to Animal Cruelty Assistant. In her new position she receives phone calls regarding alleged animal cruelty or neglect, documents reports of these allegations, conducts cruelty investigations, and assists their Kennels and Cattery team with any animals they have brought in through cruelty investigations. When asked how she got promoted into her current position she says, "I established my goals, I knew where I wanted to go, and I worked hard every day to prove it. I constantly did webinars online on my own time to strengthen my knowledge on Animal Cruelty and I showed my desire to grow."

Tiffany is a frequent board member of GLIT's Program Advisory Committee (PAC) and the reason she continues to attend is simple: "I believe in GLIT and the education it provides. I know that with this education it would help me excel in life and it has given me excellent foundation for where I want to be."