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Outstanding Student Award - Peyton Finney

Posted On 7/31/2018

Each graduation, an Outstanding Student receives an award for exemplary performance during their education. Last week Peyton Finney of the Dental Assistant program received the award for Great Lakes at our Summer 2018 graduation ceremony. Here is what Vickie Clements, Director of Education, said about her at the event.

Peyton graduated with a 4.0 and had perfect attendance for the entire 10-months she was enrolled. She was the ideal student, and was always respectful and polite to all of her classmates and teachers. Even though she had her own personal struggles while attending school, she never brought them to class and never let them stop her from reaching her goal. She attended her externship at Spa Dental, where Dr. Crocker continuously raved about her skill level and how wonderful she was. She also passed both of the certification tests. Program Director Calista Slomksi says, "Peyton was always positive and brought out the best in everyone she met." While at Great Lakes, she was also active in our student services committee and helped plan several school wide activities. Congratulation Peyton, we are all very proud of you.