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Outstanding Student Award - Edith Reyes

Posted On 1/29/2019

Each graduation, an Outstanding Student receives an award for exemplary performance during their education. Last week Edith Reyes of the Surgical Tech program received the award for Great Lakes at our Winter 2019 graduation ceremony. Here is what Vickie Clements, Director of Education, said about her at the event.

Edith was an excellent student and always went above and beyond. Shortly after Edith started her program, she was in a terrible car accident, totaling her vehicle and shattering her leg. She had to drop out of school, but returned a few months later. She had several follow up surgeries, but scheduled them around school breaks so she didn’t have to miss classes.

She was placed at UPMC on externship, and because of her outstanding performance and positive attitude, they hired her immediately. Her instructor says of her, “Edith is a genuine person with a big heart.” That smile that you see on Edith’s face right now was always present, regardless of the situation. Family is very important to Edith, and primary goal for finishing school was to make her parents proud. Edith, I think we can all agree that everyone here is proud of you. Congratulations!

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