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Myofascial Release Course - Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Posted On 1/24/20

CEU’s : 17 (NCBTMB)
Date/Times: Saturday & Sunday, May 2 & 3, 9 to 7 (Sat), 9 to 4 (Sun)
Location: Great Lakes Institute, 5100 Peach Street, ERIE, PA
Contact info – Michelle Sellers, 814 864 6666 ext. 217
Price: 350 $

Myofascial Release Course is a practical hands-on course combining technique demonstrations by the instructor and practical exchanges among the participants. The participants will learn the following topics: the types of connective tissue in the body, the composition of fascia, the continuity of fascia, techniques to manipulate fascia, and treatments for some of the most common conditions where fascial manifestations are the main cause of the pathology.

The main focus will be on combining a variety of fascia release techniques with standard massage manipulations, hydrotherapy, and remedial exercises to provide treatments for some of the most common myofascial disorders – functional scoliosis, kyphosis, ITB contracture, pelvic obliquity, plantar fasciitis, iliopsoas contracture, hyperlordosis, scapulohumeral syndrome. In addition the participants will observe and practice the optimal way of incorporating segmental myofascial techniques and massage manipulations along myofascial links to accomplish full body effects and results.

Instructor – Alois Nikodym, RMT

Alois has an extensive 30 year experience in the massage therapy field. He practices in a clinic in Toronto, where he specializes in Deep Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage. Alois also teaches Deep Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage courses in several locations in Canada, the USA and Europe.