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Massage Grad Danielle Carnes Named Lead Supervisor at Serenity Spa

Posted On 11/17/2016

From the Desk of Carrie Wakinekona, Director of Operations for Scott Enterprises:

"I'm excited to welcome Danielle Carnes as the Lead Spa Supervisor at Serenity Spa. Danielle was most recently employed at Coventina Day Spa as a Massage Therapist. In addition, Danielle worked at Burton Funeral Home & Crematory as the Care Center Manager/OHSA Coordinator. She is a recent graduate of Massage Therapy from Great Lake Institute of Technology and Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science (2005). Also, Danielle is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She is pursuant of a license to practice massage therapy in New York State.

Danielle will report directly to Carrie Wakinekona and provide leadership to Jennifer Bowes (Front Desk/FOH) and Abbey Triana (Service Providers/BOH). You are welcome to contact Danielle at x7148 or

I’m confident that Danielle and team will continue to provide an exceptional customer service experience at Serenity Spa. Welcome to the team!”

Congratulations Danielle on landing a great position with Scott Enterprises! Everyone at Great Lakes is very proud of you.