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Massage Therapist Graduate Discovers His Passion

Posted On 12/10/2015

Before Jake Seely attended Great Lakes, he spent one semester in a traditional college setting. He got the grades, but something was missing. He went through the steps and did what he was always told to do: "Go to college, get a degree, get a job." But Jake didn’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars doing something he couldn't fully enjoy. So that's when he considered a career in Massage Therapy. After talking with a few licensed therapists, Jake knew that Great Lakes was the only choice he wanted to pursue.


Massage therapy helped Jake get back on his feet after several injuries in sports. With the field’s current expansion and exposure, he thought that this was a career that he could make his mark on right out of school. Coupled with the physical work, massage therapy is a career that intrigues and challenges him on a daily basis.


"GLIT not only gave me the knowledge I needed to help people, but they also gave me the skills to make me as effective as possible. Between the student clinic, facilities, and teaching staff, GLIT sets every graduate up for success and immediate employment. The job placement department even helps you refine your interview skills."  


Jake believes that Great Lakes has several advantages: "Job placement assistance was the biggest one for me. All the teachers have real experience in the field, most of them still are in practice. If you ever want to dive deeper in a certain aspect of massage, the instructors are always there to guide you with enthusiasm on the subject."  

In his spare time, Jake enjoys educating himself on the day-to-day information on the field. He also loves anything that gets him outdoors. Kayaking, hunting even yard work, as long as it is outdoors in the fresh air - he is there!