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Alumni Spotlight Heather Hart - Massage Therapist Graduate

Posted On 5/7/2018

In this Alumni Spotlight we caught up with Heather Hart, Massage Therapist graduate and owner of A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy in Erie PA.

Where have you worked since you graduated and where do you currently work? What is your title?

I have worked all around the Erie Community in many different environments. I got hired immediately out of school at the Hamot Wellness Center and then at Krauza Family Chiropractic. I also spent about 5 years working with Great Lakes Home Hospice. In 2010, I went out on my own as a sole practitioner and started my own business, A Compassionate Hart Massage Therapy, and about 4 years ago I started growing my team by adding employees!

What type of things do you do there day to day?

Everything!!! Ha!

What do you like about your career?

I love the variety of not only being a Massage Therapist but a business owner as well. Both push me out of my comfort zone daily and I'm continuously learning and growing both professionally and personally.

What did you like most about Great Lakes?

The longtime friends and colleagues that I made!

What are your career goals for the future?

Just keep trucking and recognizing and acting on opportunities as they present themselves.

What advice can you give current students and new graduates that can help them be successful?

It's all about stamina and the willingness to grow, learn (eat crow when you have to) and not take yourself too seriously.

What do you like to do in your free time/any new happenings in your life you want to share?

I love working with animals, dogs and cats, and am always taking classes in a variety of things that interest me to keep me going.