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Student Services Committee June Update

Posted On 6/4/2014

If you have been following the Student Services Committee, then you would know how much support for Autism we have been doing in the last few months.

To end our fundraising and Autism Awareness events, students from the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) program visited an Autistic classroom at the Barber National Institute. As the winner of last month's 'Penny Wars' fundraiser, the MOA students won a free pizza party luncheon. As an additional donation, the students choose to donate their pizza to an Autistic classroom.

Great Lakes students were able to bring the students lunch, providing pizza, drinks, and even gluten-free cupcakes for dessert! The classroom loved having us there and we all enjoyed our time spent with all the children. They even made us a personalized pizza card as a Thank You.

In the upcoming months, we look forward to raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of Erie.

Student Services also focuses on showing appreciation to our own students. The month of May brought a Cinco de Mayo luncheon, and we celebrated with a "Nacho Bar" in the student lounge. The students were able to load up their tortilla chips with salsa, jalapenos, olives, sour cream and cheese, cheese and more cheese! Everyone enjoyed munching on the snacks during afternoon break, and it was so much fun!

Stay tuned in the upcoming months for our latest happenings of fun events around the school!

Up next: July Luau School Celebration!

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