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Medical Assistant Winter Blood Drive

Posted On 11/29/2012

During their last block before externship Medical Assistant students partake in a blood drive to practice their phlebotomy skills before they enter into the job field. The seniors spent several months preparing for this day.

The students worked together to organize and put on a "blood drive" to attract students and staff members throughout the school to perfect their phlebotomy skills. This helps to boost their confidence and to get as much practice as possible before their externship starts next week.

They put together an auction table where each participant received three tickets for donating their time and their arms for this event. Participants were able to look around at items such as coffee mugs, decorations and football memorabilia, then place one of their tickets for the item they wanted to win. The seniors took their own personal time out of the classroom to collect supplies and set up the auction. Students also set up a refreshment table with goodies and drinks because it is important to stay hydrated and to have eaten before taking blood. Several of our Medical Assistant students will be taking blood at their externship sites located at local doctors' offices, UPMC Hamot, or St. Vincent Hospital. Great Lakes Institute of Technology is committed to giving the students as much hands on training as possible before sending students out into the field.

At each blood drive the students like to honor a charity or organization during the event. November is "Prematurity Awareness Month" so the students all wore purple to support the premature babies that were lost and the ones who survived around the world! They were able to educate fellow students and staff on the importance of the prematurity campaign.

Our event today was a success. Each student was given enough time and patients to work on; they are all ready to enter the field on Monday!

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