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Instructor Spotlight - Keri Nothum - Massage Therapist Program Director

Posted On 4/27/2012

Keri Nothum is the Massage Therapist Program Director at Great Lakes. Prior to working at the school, she was a therapist for 10 years at Bella Salon and Day Spa in NorthEast. She also worked for the chiropractor, Dr. Craig Costello, for 6 years. Keri says, "I chose to work in both the spa and medical part of massage because they are both enjoyable. I loved the relaxing atmosphere of the spa, as well as the fast paced medical environment found in the chiropractic office."

Keri chose to become a massage therapist because she enjoys helping take care of people, so the massage field was a perfect fit! Keri says, "I thought it was awesome that I could help people with just my hands, very little equipment, and a little bit of lotion."

Keri chose to work at Great Lakes because she enjoys instilling the same passion for massage in her students. "I love to see the light in the students eyes as they are learning. It's great to see a student start school, get an education, and find a rewarding career. I'm confident, knowing the quality of student that graduates from Great Lakes and moves into the massage therapy world!"

If you're considering a career as a Massage Therapist, Keri provides the following advice: "Massage isn’t just about applying lotion to someone's back. It's about helping people relax or helping someone to relieve their pain. It's about being educated and having the knowledge to help people in a professional, ethical manner."