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Graduate Success Story - Tre Stowe of the Surgical Technologist Program

Posted On 3/18/2013

Tre Stowe is a recent graduate of Great Lakes Institute of Technology's Surgical Technologist Program. Tre completed a 15 week externship at Kane Community Hospital, his Program Director, Jacob Muth, specifically picked this externship site because he knew it would give Tre the opportunity to grow and mature as a Surgical Technologist ... and that is just what happened. Before he made the decision to enroll at Great Lakes, Tre was a student at Central Tech High School where he was involved in the Medical Program and took classes on Anatomy & Physiology. This sparked his interest in the Medical Field and lead Tre to Great Lakes where he decided to train for a career as a Surgical Technologist.

While in school he says that his favorite class was Medical Terminology because, "I loved learning about the different names for different ailments." The Surgical Technology program is a fast paced, hands on and extremely busy program. Some advice Tre would like to give current and prospective students is, "You'll make mistakes, we all do, don't get discouraged. If you have a dream in your heart, chase it. Do what you have to do now so you can breathe a little easier in the future."

While on externship Tre attended several "Seminar Days" at Great Lakes. Thanks to UPMC Hamot's affiliation with our school Tre was able to sit in on a conference where he learned more about UPMC Hamot, including the benefits and privileges of working for this organization. Before he completed his externship he had an interview at UMPC Hamot. He was offered the position and was scheduled to start right after his externship. He loves his new career as a Surgical Technologist. Tre says, "My life before Great Lakes really had no direction, I was like a zombie, and after Great Lakes I now have a career that I am successful in. Before I wasn't sure I would make it in the world but now I know I can achieve whatever I want. I have matured greatly since the day I enrolled in classes, my family is very proud of me and I can now support myself and not worry about where I'll be in a few years."

After all of his hard work and dedication to school and his externship, Tre now has the career he set out to achieve. As a Surgical Technologist Tre assists the Surgeons in their daily routines in the Operating Room. He learned all the necessary procedures with the guidance of his instructors and the hands-on experience of his externship. Tre has been quoted as saying, "I like the art of scrubbing; I love the smell of iodine in the morning." A true Surgical Technologist.

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