Graduate Spotlight - Kayla Gonzales CMA - Medical Assistant Graduate

Posted On 1/8/2013

Kayla Gonzales graduated in July 2013 from the Medical Assistant program. After completing her externship with a local physician's office, Kayla began her job search.

When she received a call from St. Vincent Health Services, she couldn't wait to get started. They offered her a position with Greater Erie Niagara Surgery as a Medical Assistant. Kayla accepted the job, and she has been working full time ever since.

Kayla says, "My favorite part of my job is patient interaction. I have a lot of good days and the patients make this a very fulfilling occupation for me."

Kayla attended the evening classes at GLIT while working a full-time job and successfully earned her diploma. If it weren't for the option to take night classes, Kayla stated she wouldn't have been able to complete this program. "I am really happy with my decision to attend GLIT."

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