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Fatima Gibbs - Medical Office Assistant Instructor

Posted On 5/23/2013

Fatima is a Medical Office Assistant instructor here are Great Lakes. She has been an instructor at the school for a year. She began her career at Northwest Physicians Associates, a local Erie area doctor's office, for 3 years. After working in the field she decided that she wanted to help other's achieve their career goals, that is when she decided to join team Great Lakes as an instructor. She really enjoys the process of teaching others. She also understands that learning doesn't end when entering the professional world and continues to educate herself with the newest and most up-to-date technologies in the medical field.

Some advice she would like to give current and future students is:, "What you put into your education is what you will get out of it. Take it upon yourself to do extra work, read, study and pay attention. Never be too proud to ask for help."

Fatima is not only an instructor, she is an alumni of Great Lakes Institute of Technology. She truly believes in our school and the education that is being provided to each student. "When our students walk through these doors they have an empty tool box. Through our teaching and through the student's dedication we give them the tools they need fill that box."

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