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Employer Spotlight Millcreek Community Hospital

Posted On 5/12/2015

Recently, the school spoke with John Onorato, Human Resources Manager at Millcreek Community Hospital. The hospital is at the heart of the Millcreek Health System - a system that includes LECOM, Medical Associates of Erie, and the LECOM Center for Senior Living. Mr. Onorato says, "The hospital is locally controlled; not part of some larger system. That is important because we are better able to understand and meet the needs of our community."

The hospital has added an Acute Care for the Elderly and a Transitional Care Unit allowing care to be specialized to the needs of individual patients. In recent years, the hospital has been providing quality care to individuals in need of behavioral health services. Later this year, the LECOM Center for Senior Living, a 138-bed nursing facility, will open its doors. Mr. Onorato says, "We are committed to serving our community, and as such we will continue to grow."

Mr. Onorato provided the following advice to recent graduates who are interviewing at Millcreek.

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is thinking the interview is all about them. It isn't. It is about finding the proper candidate for the employer. The proper candidate is a blend of good skills and great attitude. I assess a candidate from beginning to the end during an interview - did the candidate show up on time, are they properly dressed, do they smell of cigarette smoke, etc., these are the things that tell me that the candidate will be a good fit for us.

Our President and CEO, Mary L. Eckert, stresses that the most important person in the hospital is the patient. We expect our employees to never lose sight of that. Millcreek employees are given a button that says "Excellence. Every Patient. Every Time." That is our standard. If you are chosen to become a Millcreek Community Hospital employee, it is because we think you are capable of providing excellent care to every patient, every time.