Employer Spotlight - Bobbie Brown - Ultrasound Head Technician

Posted On 12/30/2013

Recently one of our Employment Specialists caught up with Bobbie Brown, Ultrasound Head Technician at UPMC Hamot Flagship CVTS, about our grads and offered new grads some advice.

Bobbie says, "We have a good time working with Great Lakes students and graduates. They're energetic and ask a lot of questions and we like to teach them new things. They also bring new ideas and keep us on our game!"

Some advice that Bobbie gives to new graduates entering the ultrasound field is, "Image anything, as much as you can. Look and see what you can find. Doctors are looking for answers, not particulars - if you see something, investigate. Ask questions too ... it shows interest and that you really want to learn."

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