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Employer Spotlight - Ashley Behringer - McKean Veterinary Hospital

Posted On 1/14/2013

We recently caught up with Ashley Behringer, Certified/Licensed Veterinary Technician and Head Technician/Supervisor of McKean Veterinary Hospital, and employer of Great Lakes Veterinary Technician graduates. She had some kind words about Great Lakes Veterinary Assistant grads and offered some valuable advice to new graduates.

"In my experiences with GLIT students, externs and graduates I would say what I like most about them is their hard work and their willingness to learn new things. The energy they bring and how well they work with people as well as animals is the biggest upside."

"Advice I can give new graduates that are seeking employment in the field is this: having the motivation to learn new things is key - having that drive, that's what employers look for ... people who put in the work and are willing to learn things. It can be hard starting out; just getting a foot in the door so the right people can see you are willing to put in the time that's needed is very beneficial."

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