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Dental Assistant Instructor Spotlight - Lisa Vickey CDA

Posted On 8/17/2011

Why did you choose to become a Dental Assistant?

"Interest in my career began when I was in a pre-health program in high school. Once I got to the Dental Assistant portion, I knew I wanted to make this a lifelong career, because I knew there would always be opportunities in the dental field. In my senior year, I started in a part time "co-op" for Dr.Galla in a front desk position and since then, I have been in general and orthodontic dental practices. Over the years I just couldn't get away - it's in my blood! I like helping and love educating people so they are not afraid to go to the dentist."

Why did you become an instructor?

"Another instructor at Great Lakes kept telling me I would love teaching. I didn't believe her at first, because I was afraid I would miss working chair side with patients. Finally, after tossing around the idea after a while, I went for it and am glad I did. I fell in love with teaching, and I enjoy coming to work every day for the simple act of helping others."

What advice would you give students, when considering a career as a Dental Assistant?

"Don't be afraid of failing. Being a Dental Assistant, you're pretty much the heart and soul of the dental office. You keep things running smoothly - you anticipate everyone's needs and it's up to you to set the tone for the day. Learn all you can from your education. Every day, be sure to discover something new."

Why would you recommend a Great Lakes Institute of Technology graduate?

"Our program replicates an ideal day in the dental office. The graduates are prepared, have procedures in order, and know what it takes to be efficient on a daily basis. They make the most out of their time here and have a lot of exposure to hands on experiences. I firmly believe our graduates would be an asset to any practice."