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Alumni Spotlight - Tiara Tucci

Posted On 5/29/2015

In this Alumni Spotlight we caught up with Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Graduate and current employee at Westfield Memorial Hospital, Tiara Tucci.

Before attending Great Lakes Institute of Technology, I spent a couple of semesters at Edinboro University, but I wasn't sure that was best choice for me. I enjoyed the thought of having a challenging career in the medical field, so I chose to transfer to the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program at GLIT. Sonography is a wonderful field for anyone who enjoys a challenge and is willing to continuously learn.

GLIT prepared me for my career in many ways. The instructors have been in the field for many years. When I receive compliments on how well I scan, I always think back to how well I was prepared.

I feel there are major advantages for choosing GLIT. Not only will you receive a top notch education, you will also receive the same support after you've graduated. In my case I needed my resume revamped, so I called the school and within days, my resume was ready to go. Just two weeks later I received a job offer. Needless to say I am very thankful for the staff.

My best advice I can offer to future GLIT students is to learn as much as you can, go beyond the text book when it comes to the field you're interested in. I would also advise you to study hard and don't skip school! If you're going into DMS, listen to Mary Beth and Pat - they know their stuff!

I enjoy reading current events pertaining to Sonography. A lot of people think we only scan babies, this is not the case. Sonographers image most organs in the body, veins, arteries, thyroids, breasts and also assist in interventional radiologic procedures. Recent advances also allow us to image torn muscles as well. The possibilities are endless in this wonderful career!