Student Services

Staff and faculty will assist students in working out solutions to academic or personal problems and help with career services.


New and returning students are introduced to the school during special orientation programs held prior to the start of classes. These sessions are designed to familiarize new students with the people, places, and services offered at Great Lakes Institute of Technology. During orientation, students can ask questions in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Student Advising

Great Lakes Institute of Technology offers advisement to all students for any academic matter students wish to discuss. Staff and faculty will assist students in developing solutions to challenges they may experience during the course of their training. Students experiencing personal problems unrelated to their education will be referred to qualified counselors or agencies outside the school where they can receive assistance. Academic Assistance

Great Lakes Institute of Technology faculty and staff are committed to helping the student to succeed academically. Tutoring and additional assistance is available at no additional cost to any currently enrolled student. Students wishing to use this service must contact the department Program Director to make arrangements.

Career Services

Great Lakes offers job-readiness training and career placement assistance to all students and graduates. Students receive training in job seeking skills, resume preparation, interviewing skills, professional development, and other job-readiness topics. Current job openings are available by contacting the Job Placement Coordinator or the program director in each department for both current students and graduates. The school can also assist with current students seeking part time employment while attending school.

ADA Non-Discrimination Policy

Great Lakes Institute of Technology does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, disabilities, age, national origin, or ancestry regarding admission to programs or placement activities.

The office of Compliance, Student Policy and Student Affairs monitors compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA") and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) at Great Lakes Institute of Technology.

Great Lakes Institute of Technology encourages individuals with disabilities to obtain program information through the Admissions Department. Prospective students are required to meet all Admission Requirements and Procedures as published in Student Information Publication (School Catalog).

During a personal interview with an Admissions Staff Member, all prospective students will review the specific technical standards required for each training occupation. Great Lakes Institute of Technology believes each student has the right to know what physical and emotional demands are required of health professionals in an effort to be successful in the field for which training will be provided. School administration will review each applicants file and required admissions information and will inform the applicant in writing if they have been accepted for enrollment. If an applicant is not accepted, all fees paid will be refunded.

Great Lakes Institute of Technology makes every attempt to accommodate students with disabilities. Students requiring assistance or specific accommodations are directed to present their request to the Director of Education. The school will make every effort to offer all students reasonable accommodations to attend school.

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